Nontraditional Wire Weaving Around a Cabachon Workshop


If you love the way cabachons look when they are wrapped with wire and beads, then this class is for you! You will learn a nontraditional way to wire wrap a cabachon using a wire weaving technique. You will also learn to weave additional wire and small beads into the wire for an intricate, delicate, and beautiful finished look! You will leave this class with a finished wire wrapped cabachon that you designed, and you will be able to use it as a pendant on a necklace!

$150.00 per person ($30.00 per hour x 5 Hrs.) plus a kit fee.

Kit Includes: One spool of 24g silver or gold parawire (brand name) for making the weave that goes around the cabachon, one spool of 26g silver or gold parawire for incorporating into the weave, 16” of 20g silver or gold parawire for the core of the weave and the bail, one cabachon, complete set of instructions, and an assortment of beads. There may be more materials included in the kit than may be required to make the project in the class. Kits and closures/clasps will vary from the sample picture.

Kit Fee = $35.00

Note: You may purchase your own tools and materials elsewhere in advance of the class so that you will only have to pay the class fee. Additional materials may be available for purchase.

Tools: Two rods, vice, wire cutters designed to cut 26g through 20g wire, mandrels, a Mister Twister or a Coiling Gizmo for making coils, round nose pliers, smooth chain nose pliers, medium wrap and tap pliers, and measuring tape.

Note: I have tools available that students can share during class.