Basic Stringing and Crimping Necklace Workshop


Triple Strand Magical Forest Necklace[/caption]

If you have ever wondered why beading is a hobby loved by thousands of people, then this class is for you! You will learn how to make a necklace and/or a bracelet, and crimp. You will learn how to crimp with a crimping tool as well as how to crimp with smooth chain nose pliers to make flat crimps. Once you learn how to crimp, you will be able to make multi-strand necklaces like the one in the picture. You will leave this class with a finished necklace or bracelet that you designed!

$50.00 per person ($25.00 per hour per person) plus a kit fee. This workshop is a two hour workshop. 

Kit Includes: Stringing wire, an assortment of beads, size 2 crimp tubes, and one toggle clasp.

There may be more materials included in the kit than may be required to make the project in the class. Kits and closures/clasps will vary from the sample picture.

Kit Fee = $30.00

Note: You may purchase your own tools and materials elsewhere in advance of the class so that you will only have to pay the class fee. Additional materials may be available for purchase.

Tools: Bead stoppers, crimping pliers, and smooth chain nose pliers.

Note: I have tools available that students can share during class.