Bangle Bracelet Workshop


If you love the look of wire wrapping and you love to wear bracelets or matching sets, then this class is for you! You will learn how to use wire for the core of the bracelet and coil wire. You will also learn a couple of variations on coiling wire to make different wire beads. Once you learn the basic foundation for making a bangle bracelet, you are only limited by your own imagination! The design possibilities are infinite!

$60.00 per person ($30.00 per hour x 2 Hrs.) plus a kit fee.

Kit Includes: 14g wire to make the core of the bracelet, a spool of 24g or 26g silver or gold colored parader to make wire beads, an assortment of beads with large enough holes that they fit onto 16g wire, and a toggle clasp. There may be more materials included in the kit than may be required to make the project in the class. Kits and closures/clasps will vary from the sample picture.

Kit Fee = $40.00

Note: You may purchase your own tools and materials elsewhere in advance of the class so that you will only have to pay the class fee. Additional materials may be available for purchase.

Tools: Wire cutters designed to cut 26g through 14g wire, round nose pliers, flat nose pliers, and two pairs of smooth chain nose pliers.

Optional: Measuring Tape and a Coiling Gizmo or a Mister Twister

Note: I have tools available that students can share during class.