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Jewelry In The Making: Ancient Glass Beads

glass beads

The Phoenicians (who resided in present-day Lebanon) became highly skilled at making glass beads by 1200 B.C. They “borrowed many stylistic concepts from those with whom they traded, while developing their own technologies. The Phoenicians buried their dead with great care, interring unique core-formed glass pendants and beads with the deceased (Dubin, 1995:21). The Greek […]

Jewelry In The Making: Quartz


Quartz is an amazing crystal stone with amazing healing powers! The most abundant element in the Earth and in the human body is silica, and Quartz is silica! “It is one of the building blocks of the immune system and our planet. A master healer, Quartz amplifies energy and optimizes health” (Hall, 2011:164). According to […]

Principles Of My Wearable Art Designs

     The Redress Raleigh Principles include reinventing, reimagining, repurposing, reviving, recreating, revolutionizing, renewing, reenergizing, and recycling. These principles are fundamental in the creation of my wearable art designs. With regard to reinvention, I have developed, and I continue to strive to develop, some of my own original wire working and metalsmithing techniques. Even when […]

Redress Raleigh Fashion Show Interview

Part of being a designer in The Redress Raleigh Fashion show included an interview, which goes into some depth about my designs, design process, and other aspects of being a wearable art designer. Please read on and enjoy… What do you enjoy most about the production process? The production process helps to increase my sense […]