If you love to crochet with yarn, and did not know that you could crochet with wire and beads but are intrigued by this, or if you love to crochet with yarn and love beads, this class is for you! You will learn how to crochet with wire and beads to make a beautiful bracelet that you designed!

Price includes registration and kit fee.

Kit Includes: One spool of 26g silver or gold colored parawire (brand name), an assortment of  beads, a crochet hook, approx. 12” of 20g silver or gold parawire, two bead caps, four jump rings, and a toggle clasp. There may be more materials included in the kit than may be required to make the project in the class. Kits and closures/clasps will vary from the sample picture.


Tools: Wire cutters designed to cut 26g wire, round nose pliers, and two pairs of smooth chain nose pliers.

Note: I have tools available that students can share during class.

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