Principles Of My Wearable Art Designs

Glitter Light Bulb Pendant Necklace 1
Glitter Light Bulb Pendant Necklace

     The Redress Raleigh Principles include reinventing, reimagining, repurposing, reviving, recreating, revolutionizing, renewing, reenergizing, and recycling. These principles are fundamental in the creation of my wearable art designs. With regard to reinvention, I have developed, and I continue to strive to develop, some of my own original wire working and metalsmithing techniques. Even when I learn new techniques, I always make my own orignial designs. In addition, I strive to incorporporate traditional materials in new ways into my designs or strive to incorporate new materials into my designs. I thoroughly enjoy challenging myself in all of these ways!

     Next, I contribute to the reimagination of the world of fashion through my wearable art designs. My designs are truly unique, breathtaking, whimsical, bold, fun, creative, and progressive. Moreover, I repurpose materials, including vintage objects, and aluminum can lids, etc. in my designs. As a result, I give these repurposed materials new life! My designs are created by incorporating such materials and objects into my designs.

Tree Branch Necklace
Tree Branch Necklace

     In sum, my wearable art designs are revolutionary in that they are ecologically conscious because I repurpose and upcycle/recycle objects in my designs, and combine such objects with natural materials, like stones and metal, thereby recreating them! I repurpose and upcycle found objects, aluminum can lids, hardware, computer parts, and even pennies and dimes! By doing so, and by combining them with natural materials, I reimagine them, reenergize them, and make them contemporary and relevant to the world of fashion.

Yellow & Burnt Orange Trapeze Pendant Necklace
Yellow & Burnt Orange Trapeze Pendant Necklace






What fashion principles do you follow in your work life vs. your personal life? Please leave a comment below!

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