Would you like to Feel More Beautiful? Would you like to Be More Bold? Would you like to Feel More Confident? Would you like to Be More Daring? Would you like to BE MORE YOU?

I help you to express your authenticity and beauty from within by helping you to increase your confidence, which in turn, will ultimately help you to find your voice so that you can be, do, and achieve anything you want in the world!

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Elizabeth Strugatz and I am a wire and bead artist and metalsmith extraordinaire; hence, my business name Wired, Twisted, & Stoned. I design breathtaking pieces of wearable art to help empower women and to help them express more of their authenticity and beauty from within.

Sociological research shows that when women dress up and/or accessorize their outfits, they feel better about the way they look, which in turn, means that they feel better about themselves. When they go out into the world feeling better about themselves, they will be noticed in positive ways (i.e., they will be complimented), which in turn, will help them to find their voice and ultimately become more confident!

Increased confidence will empower them to be, do, and achieve anything they want in the world. Unfortunately, it is precisely because people judge each other in both positive and negative ways that we either develop a healthy level of self-esteem or not.

I truly believe that lack of self esteem is one of the major reasons for the lack of love, kindness, compassion, and respect in the world today. When you don’t love yourself, no one else will either! Most children carry a lack of self-esteem into their adulthood and it remains with them throughout most of their lives. Most people don’t like or love themselves enough even as adults and I truly believe that by helping one woman at a time to become more confident and empowered, I can help to change the world to be more kind, loving, compassionate, and respectful!

I help you to increase your level of self-esteem and confidence, and ultimately help you to empower yourself so that you will find your voice!

How do I help you? I’m so glad you asked that question!

I help you through the implementation of a concept known as The Looking-Glass Self, which has only three components: 1. We imagine how we appear to those around us. 2. We interpret their reactions. We come to conclusions about how others evaluate us. 3. We develop a self-concept.

How we interpret others’ reactions to us frames our feelings and ideas about ourselves. A favorable reflection leads to a positive self concept and a negative reflection leads to a negative self concept. With regard to the first component, I help you to feel more confident by helping you pick out the colors and styles of outfits that look best on you, and help you accessorize your colors, styles, and outfits with breathtaking pieces of wearable art!

Think of yourself as a vegan tiramisu cake that is made with layers from the inside out. I help you feel better and help you express your inner authenticity and beauty from the inside out; think of the wearable art as the icing on the cake that will make you sparkle and shine even more than you already do!

As a result of imagining how you appear to others in more positive ways, you will be received by those around you in more positive ways. As you interpret others’ more positive reactions to you, your temporary feelings of confidence will become more and more consistent to the point where you will become empowered and you will find your voice so that you can be, do, or achieve anything you want in the world!

The second mission of Wired, Twisted, & Stoned is to help people increase their sense of joy, happiness, and contentment with life in general through learning how to make beautiful pieces of wearable art!

Working with one’s hands is therapeutic and spiritual. When working with one’s hands is combined with creating beautiful pieces of wearable art, it can significantly enhance one’s spiritual experience.

One aspect of spirituality is living in the moment, or being present in the moment. Designing and making beautiful pieces of wearable art increases one’s sense of being in the moment because it entails focusing on one bead at a time, or concentrating on one aspect of a technique or design at a time, which increases one’s ability to live in the now throughout life.