Jewelry In The Making: Quartz


Quartz is an amazing crystal stone with amazing healing powers! The most abundant element in the Earth and in the human body is silica, and Quartz is silica! “It is one of the building blocks of the immune system and our planet. A master healer, Quartz amplifies energy and optimizes health” (Hall, 2011:164).

According to Cunningham (2014) and Hall (2011), Quartz provides:

  • Protection
  • Healing
  • Psychic Power/Metaphysical Abilities
  • Blood Pressure Regulation
  • Tissue Re-oxygenation
  • Cell Regeneration

According to Hall (2011), Quartz also strengthens energetically:

  • Metabolism
  • Blood Vessels
  • Joint and Connective Tissue Elasticity

In addition, according to Hall (2011), Quartz:

  • Reduces Inflammation
  • Breaks through blockages
  • Eliminates Toxins
  • Adjusts the body’s frequency

Quartz appears to know what the body needs and is therefore referred to as the brain cells of Mother Earth by the Indigenous people of America (Hall, 2011).

According to Hall (2011), as a result of Quartz tuning into your vibration, it:

  • Transmutes negativity
  • Strengthens Energy
  • Raises Consciousness to a higher frequency

People of ancient civilizations charged water with the mystical powers of Quartz by dipping it into the water (Hall, 2011).

In order to connect newborns with the earth, the Indigenous people of America put Quartz inside their cradles. “Large Quartz points were found in an eight thousand-year-old Egyptian temple. The eighth-century B.C.E. Greek priest Onomacritus tells us that anyone entering a temple with the crystal in hand was certain to have his prayers answered, as the gods cannot resist its power” (Hall, 2011:164).

The mountains of Ancient Afghanistan was a major source of minerals, which made it possible for the country to become a major supplier of raw materials to make beads from stones. Geographically, it was surrounded by Iran, India, China, and Russia, which meant that trade routes between these countries passed through Afghanistan. As a result, Afghanistan became an important transmitter of materials and culture. “Historically underrated as a source of bead craftmanship, Afghanistan was considerably more than a source of raw materials. Many beads excavated there and attributed to the third and second millenniums B.C. have exact counterparts among the artifacte recovreere from the royal tombs of Ur in southern Mesopotomia” (Dubin, 1995:19). It is reasonable to think that these beads were manufactured locally since they were found in such great quantities there.

The decline of the Babylonian Empire coincided with the end of the great beadmaking era in Afghanistan around 1600 B.C. Both the incentives and the economic structures supporting beadmaking appear to have disappeared as trade to the south of Afghanistan diminished (Hall, 2011).

In sum, when you wear Quartz on your body, it will bring your entire being into harmony energetically (Hall, 2011:165).

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