How Do I Know I Can Trust You, The Sales Person?

I have been designing wearable art for over ten years and I provide a wealth of experience, knowledge, and skills in the industry. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed and I provide outstanding customer service.

How Do I Know I Can Trust The Value Of The Product?

I offer a 100% money back guarantee and I always use high quality materials. I use all natural materials that come from the earth, including semi-precious and gemstones, crystals, fresh water pearls, glass (i.e., Czech. glass, hand made glass, and glass pearls), pewter, wire, and sheet metal. I must admit that I am inspired by vintage materials, found objects, hardware, and even aluminum can lids as well!

I use a brand of wire whereby the “coloring process produces the brightest colors with the most resilient finish.” The “metallic colors are 99% pure copper wire with ParaWire’s exclusive non tarnish coating (parawire.com). The silver plated colors are copper wire plated with fine silver before the final color is applied” (parawire.com). All of the parawire brand wire is nickel free! I also use 14k gold filled wire, 14k gold plated wire, sterling silver wire, sterling silver filled wire, and sterling silver plated wire by request for commissioned work. In addition, I use copper, brass, and nickel silver sheet metal. However, I can also use 14k gold and sterling silver sheet metal by request for commissioned work. In addition, sometimes I use anodized aluminum wire in some of my pieces. Next, I use the best stringing wire on the market; the best meaning that it is the strongest and most flexible.

What If I Don’t Have Time To Wait For Commissioned Pieces To Be Completed?

When you commission me to design and make a breathtaking piece of wearable art, I work with you every step of the way and it takes time. You will receive a professional piece of wearable art that you helped to design, that is meaningful for you, and that is handmade personally by me! You will receive a meaningful piece of wearable art that you will treasure for years to come and that you will be able to hand down through the generations in your family!

How Much Does It Cost? Can I Afford It?

I have wearable art pieces that fit every budget and I do commissioned work that fits every budget. In addition, the quality and value of my wearable art designs speak for themselves. They are beautiful, bold, daring, progressive, whimsical, elegant, and fun! Each piece is one of a kind and each one provides a way for you to express your authenticity and beauty from within, and ultimately, a way for you to be empowered!

What If I Have Broken Jewelry?

Finally, I can repair broken jewelry and/or repurpose broken jewelry by creating new heirlooms altogether and breathe new life into them, thereby making them into breathtaking pieces of wearable art once again, no pun intended!