About the Artist

Elizabeth L. Strugatz is inspired by all things natural, including wire, metal, and semi-precious stones. She incorporates all of these natural materials into beautiful designs of wearable art. She is also an instructor, teaching workshops on various wire working techniques. She lives and works in Raleigh, North Carolina and can be contacted via email at Info@WirednTwistednStoned.com or via phone at (919) 649-2123.

Throughout my entire life, my father has always worn, and continues to wear, stainless steel watches. Ever since I can remember, I had always been enamored by stainless steel and timepieces. At some point, I also became infatuated with pewter. Ultimately, I became captivated by all different kinds of metal. I also remember seeing semi-precious stones in small dishes in the types of stores that sold large geodes for decoration, and I fell in love with brown tiger’s eye stones. It seemed silly to walk around with them in my pocket all day, and I did not know what else to do with them, so I never purchased them. However, when I discovered the world of beading, wire-working, and metalsmithing, I was able to incorporate all of my favorite materials into beautiful designs of wearable art!

In addition to my fascination with wire, I love working with it because I love the look of wire techniques when they are combined with beads and sheet metal, and incorporated together into various designs. I am also infatuated with wire working because there are no rules. I am passionate about the random and asymmetrical techniques and designs that result from working with wire. Wire is forgiving because it is pliable so that I can continue to work with it until I am satisfied with it. As I work with it, I sometimes make what I like to call “beautiful mistakes.”

Furthermore, I sometimes incorporate hardware and found objects into my designs because of my love for metal and other natural materials that come from the earth. As a result of my enchantment for time pieces and the mythical steampunk era, I enjoy making steampunk style jewelry as well! As a natural progression of my passion for wire and metal, I have also moved into metalsmithing, particularly cold connecting (connecting without using heat), and folding, fusing, and torching sheet metal.

Other techniques I enjoy are stringing and knotting. Because of my attraction to natural materials that come from the earth, I only use such materials in my designs. Such materials include semiprecious stones, gemstones, crystals, freshwater pearls, glass pearls, glass beads, pewter beads, and sometimes wood beads. Natural metals that I use include solid base metals, including copper, brass, and pewter. However, I can custom make pieces with gold-filled and/or sterling/fine silver metals. I also custom make pieces based on specifications provided to me. I continue to broaden my wire, bead, metalsmithing, and jewelry making skills by continuing to learn new techniques.

In her spare time, Elizabeth enjoys the outdoors, hot yoga, preparing Nutritarian Plant Based Recipes, reading, and being present in the moment. Elizabeth received her Yoga Sculpt Teacher Training Certification. Elizabeth is committed to making breathtaking pieces of wearable art to make women feel empowered and can be commissioned to make custom pieces as well. See Elizabeth’s full artist resume by clicking here.

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